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The Limelume App Store (a part of the Limelume Mobile brand) catalogs premium PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and apps for numerous operating systems including but not limited to Limelume OS, Microsoft Windows, Android by Google, Apple macOS, Jolla Sailfish, Amazon Fire OS and several Linux distributions.

The Limelume App Store does not take any commission whatsoever from in-app purchases and takes no more than a 30% commission for up-front payments.

The Limelume App Store allows developers to customize their app pages pretty much how ever they want.

In addition to other app stores, the Limelume App Store is the best default app store for Limelume OS, ideal for developers around the globe. *AS OF DECEMBER 2018, ALL APPS PUBLISHED TO THE LIMELUME APP STORE WILL NOW BECOME DEFAULT APPS ON LIMELUME OS*

To get your app on the Limelume App Store, contact your, association member,, association partner or, association ambassador.

If you’re interested in becoming a, association partner or joining the, association, learn more through this link:

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